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Letters of Recommendation

All college-bound students must make recommendation letter requests through Naviance.

You must identify 2-3 teachers, counselors, or adult mentors who can speak to your strengths as a student and an individual.  You should have a recent and ongoing relationship with the adult.

Get Connected and Explore Naviance Today!

Explore the features of Naviance, have fun, and stay tuned for more information. To set up your account:

  • Website:
  • Username: first part of your email address (minus “ ex. sthomas17 OR 18pkrisian
  • Password: stringtheory
  • After setting up your account, please change your password immediately.

Instructions for Teacher and Counselor Recommendation Requests: DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS!

  1. Download and complete the “Info Sheet for Counselor Recommendation” and email to or
  2. Ask the adult from whom you are requesting a recommendation. You must get a verbal or written “yes” before making your request on Naviance.
  3. Request a recommendation following these steps:
    1. Login to your Naviance Account (
    2. Click the “Colleges” Tab
    3. Click “colleges I’m applying to”
    4. Click “add/cancel requests”
    5. Select your teachers from the drop down menu, and personalize the request with a message.
    6. Click “update requests” and you’re DONE!
  4. Email your teacher your resume and complete any other info form they request. (Teacher-specific Info Form Here)