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Arts Immersion

Beginning in kindergarten, every student at Philadelphia Performing Arts is given a violin.

Kindergarten is where our students begin their journey in the arts. Including instrumental classes where students learn violin, all students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade participate in seven specialized arts classes each week.

The arts at east campus
(K - 1)

The arts at west campus
(2 - 5)

These classes compliment the academic schedule and are integrated into the school curriculum:

  • Classical Ballet
  • French Language
  • Instrumental Music
  • Innovations in Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Vocal Music

The list of our arts classes contains both performing and creative arts, as well as foreign language and science. French is our language of choice as it is the language of the arts. Innovations in science is a hands-on, science lab by that gives students the opportunity to learn about the academic world through the lenses of creativity and ingenuity. 

Throughout the year students take part in events where they can showcase what they are learning in the arts classes. From Spring Concerts to Science Fairs, we love to watch our students shine! 

Research shows that early foreign language exposure enhances a child’s primary language development, thus increasing  brainpower!

This is why we begin our foreign language skills program in kindergarten, which naturally leads to greater success in foreign language study in high school and college. French is our language of choice and the language of the arts. The French Department uses the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language Standards for the curriculum, providing students with an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular study of the French language and culture.

Our Classrooms and Studios

String Theory Schools learning spaces are designed to activate the wonder, innovation, and art within our community, school, world, and selves.

Our school model reinforces the notion that students must feel safe and secure in order to reach their full potential for creation and productivity. We strive to bring the world of possibilities to students by offering spaces for learning, inventing, collaborating, creating, and performing.