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Majors Program

The Majors Program at Philadelphia Performing Arts is an integral part of our school culture. It is designed for students to gain valuable and authentic experiences by discovering individual pathways for learning and creating. Our majors classes foster student engagement, learning, curiosity, and creativity in the performing arts, design, and sciences.

Each student enrolls in a major beginning in sixth grade and remains in that major until graduation.  Majors are organized into three schools: the School of Performing Arts, the School of Design, and the School of Science and Technology.

From sixth grade through senior year of high school, students take class with their fellow majors each school day, gain extensive content knowledge in their course of study, develop self-discipline, perform and participate in a variety of shows and events, and collaborate across majors and with organizations outside of school. Valuable and authentic experiences in the Majors Program prepare our students for higher education, lifelong learning, and a wealth of career options. 

The unique, core curriculum of the Majors Program honors each student's individual interests and potential. When students are given the opportunity to specialize in subject that is meaningful to them, they begin to discover their own pathways to learning and creating.

Each major is a rigorous discipline of study. Students are graded as they would be in any academic class, and expectations are high. Therefore it is imperative that each student carefully considers what major would be the best fit for them and explore all of their options.

Through elective coursework and internships, our students have a variety of opportunities to expand on their knowledge and experience in the performing arts, design, and sciences. Featured below are photos from Bloom Media™, a student entrepreneur group that focused on marketing and digital media. 


Bloom Media™